For a moment remember the breathless anticipation and unbridled joy you felt as a child as Christmas morning grew closer.  Everyone was on their best behavior and the smell of cakes and cookies baking permeated the neighborhood as you went from house to house sharing the goodness with everyone.  I vividly remember my parents and I going through my toys and clothing to see what no longer fit or I didn’t play with anymore so we could wrap them and bring them to church to be given to those less fortunate.  I remember the sadness I felt during the ride to church then the sadness turning to a calm happiness and pride as I saw the joy on the faces of those children as they opened their packages.  I didn’t realize it then, but what I was feeling was the true spirit of Christmas.  The spirit of giving to those less fortunate or to those in need.

We at Payless Oil have always been there to help.  Whether it’s by instituting our senior citizen discount, directing someone in need to the correct city or state agency, or just giving oil or service at no charge.  Our owners have a policy of no one in need be refused.  As I said earlier, GIVING TO THOSE IN NEED is the true spirit of Christmas.

This year we have decided that in addition to our normal programs, we would focus our efforts to help a specific group.  With so many in need and so many organizations worthy of help we decided to give to those who have given us much, much more than we could ever repay.  These are our MILITARY VETERANS.  Sadly these men and women who have put their lives on the line, lost limbs, sight and the ability to sleep because of horrific nightmares seem to have been forgotten.  Our country is doing more for people who are here illegally than it does for the ones whose sacrifices made this country free and safe.  Being a veteran myself it sickens me to see a Vet on the corner in the cold with a cup and a sign begging for help.

We have partnered with the PENNSYLVANIA VETERANS FOUNDATION (PVF) whose mission is “To provide assistance and support to Pennsylvania veterans and their families.”  Another notable partner of the PVF is Turkey Hill who says, “That’s what neighbors are for.”  We feel the same..